Brian Hedrick, DO EPSP President
Brian Hedrick, DO
EPSP President
Anthony Acosta, MD, FACEP Medical Director
Anthony Acosta, MD, FACEP
Medical Director

EPSP is a democratic group that is solely owned by our physician shareholders partnering with Bayfront Health – St Petersburg since 1999. We have successfully weathered transitions with Bayfront from being a non-profit hospital to our current for-profit model operated by CHS. We have an excellent working relationship with our administration and have become a cornerstone of Bayfront Health St Petersburg.

Our success has been a culmination of many factors – strong leadership, our dedicated physicians, and active involvement within the hospital. We have developed a very friendly work environment with excellent rapport with our nursing staff and specialist colleagues. We hire only the best trained, most qualified physicians and maintain a very high retention rate – most of our staff has been with us for over 10 years.

Dr Anthony Acosta has done an outstanding job as medical director for over 30 years. He is very actively involved at our institution and has provided strong and consistent leadership. In addition to treating patients, he serves as Chairman of Section for Emergency Medicine and is on the Medical Council Committee at Bayfront.

With 18 years of providing emergency care at Bayfront Health – St. Petersburg, we attribute our success to our outstanding Medical Director’s leadership, teamwork with our fellow providers and collaborating staff and a solid patient care focus. We proudly serve clinical quality and value with patient satisfaction as our top priority. Our purpose is to help mentor, advocate and promote excellence to all members of the practice in a fair and equitable environment.


Michael D.

From the moment I arrived at Bayfront, I received extraordinary professional, personalized care and support.   From the emergency room doctors, nurses, x-ray techs and support staff, I felt like I was in the best possible medical hands after experiencing a frightening medical emergency.”

Joan L.

Dr. Acosta, thank you so very much for the wonderful work you did suturing up my right ear on Sunday, February 8th of this year, in Bayfront Emergency Department.   Though still tender in some spots, my ear has healed nicely and looks like an ear. I am very grateful for your skill.”

Evelyn Z.

I am an 86-year-old woman who fell and hurt my back. I was seen almost immediately. A young doctor explained to me that whether it was a bruise or a fracture, the treatment would be the same, calming my fears of an operation. Every person I came in contact with was efficient, helpful and made the experience as pleasant as possible, under the circumstances. Please thank them for me.”

Duane H.

Everyone was professional and courteous from the front desk help to all nurses and doctors.

Dajuana G.

My physician was very prompt and courteous. Very professional and efficient. I would refer service to this facility.”